About Us


Based in Edgewood, KY, (TSF) is a multimedia sports brand managed by Getsports Enterprises LLC that is dedicated to publishing created and curated programming across content ecosystems and technologies. We cover over 170 high school football teams in Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Eastern Indiana.

Publisher of the the only website in the market dedicated to covering high school football exclusively year-round, TSF is one of the market’s most-trusted sources for high school football content.  With over a decade of coverage and experience in the industry TSF celebrates student-athletes accomplishments while providing valuable resource information for families.

Our network of reporters, writers, special contributors, photographers and multimedia journalists capture the high school football experience in its purest form through in-depth coverage and real-time content, featuring authentic local views.

TSF’s audience is an exclusive club of engaged families, fans, parents, students, athletes and coaches, who’ve joined us in celebrating achievement through competition. Fans consume our content across a unique media distribution ecosystem of Responsive, Geo-Optimized Sports News Websites, Extensive Social Media Networks, Live Broadcasts and Informative Events, Competitions and Seminars.

For brands, TSF enables companies to build close community relationships with sector exclusive native marketing programs. TSF is the trusted media of high school sports communities and already part of their conversation. We make brands part of the conversation by providing advertisers a platform to educate targeted audiences. Sponsorships, editorial, content and experiential marketing, contesting, surveys, seminars and events are just a few vehicles brands can illustrate their expertise. And only TSF can offer unparalleled access to our passionate demographic and audience inspired by a lifestyle called high school football.